What Can Cause A Windshield To Break?

27 December 2019
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Windshields are made from heavy-duty glass. Still, they can get damaged in a number of ways. If you notice a crack or break in your windshield in any way, you need to get it checked right away. While some breaks are minor and can be left for a little while, others need immediate attention. You may even need to have your windshield completely replaced. The following are some possible ways a windshield can suffer damage and what you should do about it: Read More 

2 Ways To Keep Rust From Eating Your Car

13 November 2019
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Rust is not your car's friend. It will get in and start eating your car's body and frame away. It can get under the paint and do damage without you even seeing it. If you live in a place where you get a lot of snow and ice, you probably have some kind of salt on your streets, which will affect the bottom of your car and give rust a good place to chew up your car. Read More 

Had A Rear End Collision? Watch Out For These Problems

6 November 2019
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If you were in a rear end collision you may have more than a dent on your bumper. There are some issues your car may have that will cause your car to sustain much more damage. To prevent this from happening to your car, you will want to be aware of three more damages that you might find. You can then take your car to an auto body shop to have it repaired so you can get it back on the road again. Read More