What Can Cause A Windshield To Break?

27 December 2019
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Windshields are made from heavy-duty glass. Still, they can get damaged in a number of ways. If you notice a crack or break in your windshield in any way, you need to get it checked right away. While some breaks are minor and can be left for a little while, others need immediate attention. You may even need to have your windshield completely replaced. The following are some possible ways a windshield can suffer damage and what you should do about it:

Random Objects

Few things are more frustrating than having a random object hit your windshield and cause a crack or break. This is common, unfortunately, along the roadway. Rocks from trucks or the side of the road can quickly damage a windshield. Hail or other heavy precipitation can be large enough to cause windshield damage. Any number of objects can damage a windshield if it comes at the glass with enough force.

Car Accident

One way a windshield can brake is by a collision with another vehicle. Any collision can result in a broken windshield, no matter how insignificant. The worst damage is typically a result of a high-impact collision. However, if you had a preexisting crack, even a small collision can cause a windshield to completely shatter.

Temperature Changes

Major changes in temperature can also result in cracked windshields, both hot and cold. Cold weather can cause cracks to occur, particularly when you already have a small nick in the glass. During this time of year, you are likely scraping ice or snow off the windshield on a regular basis. This action can cause small cracks to develop. Over time, the cracks can spread and cause a line of breakage across the windshield.

Once you turn the heat on in a cold car, you may also notice a small crack begin to spread. This is due to the major shift from cold to hot. The glass can become stressed because of the uneven distribution of temperature on the glass. The glass becomes stressed and can begin to break. If you have small breaks in the glass at the start of the cold-weather season, be sure to get them repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will need a full windshield replacement.

If you have a damaged windshield and you do not have the time to take it into a glass shop, you may want to consider mobile windshield repair. The service can meet you almost anywhere and get the job done while you go about your day.