Had A Rear End Collision? Watch Out For These Problems

6 November 2019
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If you were in a rear end collision you may have more than a dent on your bumper. There are some issues your car may have that will cause your car to sustain much more damage. To prevent this from happening to your car, you will want to be aware of three more damages that you might find. You can then take your car to an auto body shop to have it repaired so you can get it back on the road again.  

Problems With The Trunk

Open and close the trunk on your car to determine if it operates okay. You may have problems with the trunk fully latching when closed and not realize it. This can be dangerous for you because your trunk could easily open while you are driving and this can block your vision. You would also be unable to lock the trunk so that it is secure.  Even if you notice a small problem with your trunk, you need to see an auto body repair technician to determine how big the problem is.

Problems with Wheel Alignment

If your car was hit hard enough when it was rear ended it can cause alignment problems, which means the wheels are not aligned properly. This will not be apparent to you until after you start driving your car again. If your car is misaligned you will notice vibrations in your steering wheel, your steering wheel may wobble, and you will feel uneven driving. 

An auto body shop has a special machine that they can use to check the alignment of each tire on your car and adjust as needed. 

Problems with Electronics

A rear end collision can cause problems with electronics on your car even if the rear end was low impact. For example, there may be loose wires on a variety of electrical systems in your car. Over time these loose wires can lose connection completely causing more problems. 

You may notice your speakers do not sound as good, and you may have problems with the tail and brake lights. You may have a dead battery due to bad connections. This is even true if the battery on your car is not very old. Talk with an auto body repair shop technician and they can tell you of other damage your car can sustain during a rear end collision. This way you can look out for these problems if you have another rear end collision in the future.