Three Benefits Of Leasing A Semi-Trailer

15 July 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Is access to a semi-trailer an important part of your business model, but you are not quite sure if purchasing one of these trailers is the right option? If you have found yourself in this sort of dilemma, leasing a semi-trailer may be just the right option for you.

Reduced Income Requirements

If you are a newer business, you may have already faced a denial or two in your attempt to purchase a semi-trailer, especially if you need to secure multiple trailers. Did you know that the income requirement for a trailer lease is often lower? When you purchase a semi-trailer, the amount of the trailer payment cannot exceed a certain percentage of your business income, such as 15%. 

Since the payment amount for a trailer lease is considerably lower than that of a purchase payment, your company may not be required to earn as much to secure the trailers as you would have you decided to purchase the trailers.

No-Penalty Returns

You have a very good idea of your business model now, but in reality, a few months from now, you may not even have the same need for the semi-trailer. An excellent thing about these lease agreements is that many of them come without a penalty for an early return. 

For example, if you determine that the trailer no longer fits within your business model, you have the opportunity to turn in the equipment with no fee, or a very small fee. Either way, you are not forced to continue to make payments for something you are not using.

Offers Cost Savings vs. Renting

For companies that only need to occasionally use the semi-trailer, leasing is almost always a better option over renting a trailer. Renting a trailer comes with a very high daily rate, even when it comes to long term rentals. Additionally, if you need to rent the trailer during a high-demand period, the rate can be even higher. 

Leasing comes with a standard monthly payment amount that is considerably lower than what you would pay to rent the trailer for the same amount of time. However, in addition to the lower cost, you have access to the trailer whenever you need it, not based on the availability of the rental company.

If you believe that leasing a semi-trailer is the best option for your business, contact a leasing professional to learn more about this option and all of its benefits. Find out more about semi-trailer leasing today.