Why You Should Buy A Used Semi Truck As An Owner Operator

19 December 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Do you run your own shipping, freight or cargo business as an owner-operator? This, of course, means you own and operate your own semi-truck and personally drive your inventory or shipments to wherever they need to go. If so, there may come a day when it'll be time to replace your current vehicle or even add to your fleet. If that day does come, here's why it could be quite beneficial to you to purchase a used semi-truck instead of a new one. 

You Don't Have the Capital of a Corporation

If you are essentially a one-man crew or shop, you know how important it is to pinch pennies for every trip with your truck. You probably closely monitor gas prices and stick to a strict maintenance schedule. Having to buy an entirely new truck is a major expense, and might be an unexpected one. By choosing to make that "new" truck one that is actually used, you'll be able to save thousands of dollars and save or at least mitigate the damage to your budget. It's not like you have millions of dollars to spend like a trucking corporation, so anything you can do to save cash on hand is a good idea.

You Can Stay Competitive

One of the downsides of being an owner-operator is that you might not be able to afford to trick out a brand new semi-truck with the very latest bells and whistles, assuming those bells and whistles will make the price go up further. But when you buy used and take thousands off the price of the semi, this might leave enough room in your budget to add some of those tops of the line features to your semi. You could either look for a semi that already has the features you need to be built in or slowly add them yourself aftermarket. Choosing to set up your trucks this way may allow you to stay competitive with those large trucking corporations because your own truck will have similar features even the truck itself is not new.

It Will Be Less to Insure

We've already mentioned that most owner-operators watch their budget like a hawk. With that in mind, another way a used semi-truck can save you money is not just through the initial purchase but every month after that as well. Used semis typically will cost less money to insure because the overall value of the vehicle will be much lower.

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